Consent Preferences
Immediate Past Presidents;

Per the Michigan chapter of NAHRO by laws; the 3 immediate past presidents residing within the geographic boundaries of the chapter and are still active in the field, and any chapter members actively serving on the NAHRO board of governors shall be ex-officio members of the chapter executive board.

2021-2023   Sharon Maki

2019-2021    Zachary Fosler

2017-2019    James Dewey

2015-2017    Lorri Brookman

2013-2015     Lee Talmage

2011-2013     Bruce Johnston

2009-2011     Sharon Carlson

2007-2009     Deborah Wilson

2005-2007     Patricia Shimmens (retired)

2003-2005     Doug Rise

2001-2003     Ken Dey (retired)

1999-2001     McKinley Copeland (deceased) 

1997-1999     Chris Stuchell (retired)

1995-1997     Danethel Whitfield (retired)

1993-1995     Jerry Schock (retired)

1991-1993     Carlos Sanchez

1989-1991     Dave Wright (retired)

1987-1989     Carol Husband (retired)

1985-1987     Jim Inglis

Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials

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